Cook Children's International Program

Quality and safety

The safety of patients, families and employees is very important to us at Cook Children's. Providing safe, quality care is a key component of our Promise to improve the health of every child we serve. We have a dedicated staff that monitors quality and safety 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

patient and physician fingers holding each  other in a promise.

Cook Children's is dedicated to treating the entire family. Now more than ever before, parents play a critical role at Cook Children's through these important programs:

Zero Harm

Why Zero Harm? Because where safety is concerned, when 'nothing' happens, something amazing happens: We make our Promise a reality when we give our patients a safe place to get the highest quality of care. Since 2012, Cook Children's has been part of a network with 80 other pediatric hospitals in a national network to collaborate on reducing harm for patients, preventing common hospital-acquired conditions and improving safety in our facilities.


The Participate Agreement for Communication and Teamwork is Cook Children's pledge to collaborate with the patient and family as a team. It is a promise between parents and Cook Children's to work together to provide excellent care. This agreement means:

As a parent, I agree to:

As a care provider, I agree to:

Parents as Partners

Cook Children's is working to include parents more than ever before and offers a variety of programs to help us better understand the patient and family experience. Cook Children's offers several opportunities for parents to get involved, including:

Parent/nurse shift reports

Nurses conduct shift to shift reports at 6:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m., at the bedside, with the parents, using the electronic medical record. This provides an opportunity for parents to have a better understanding of the treatment plan and to ask questions and give feedback. Depending on age and ability to understand, the child may also participate when appropriate.


Cook Children's is one of only a few hospitals in Texas to offer GetWellNetwork, which transforms the patients’ in-room TV into an interactive resource. The GetWellNetwork addresses the needs of the entire family and offers hotel-like amenities. Key features include:

Quality and safety awards/recognitions: