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Orthopedic Surgery

Cook Children's Orthopedics provides comprehensive treatment for children and adolescents with traumatic injuries, congenital and developmental problems of the extremities and spine. From routine fractures to the most complex conditions, your child will receive exceptional care every step of the way.

We use a multi-disciplinary approach to vascular and lymphatic lesions combining orthopedics, surgery, interventional radiology, hematology and oncology.

Our team of specialists are experts with congenital limb deformity corrective surgery and therapy, bone and joint involvement of syndromic issues, as well as a complete spectrum of pediatric orthopedic issues.

Our doctors are committed to keeping up with the latest technology, techniques and the latest research to provide your child/patient with the highest level of care possible. Currently, our spine team is involved in a long-term, ongoing spine study regarding the K2M MESA Rail, a spinal device used for treatment of complex spine conditions and minimally invasive procedures.

Cook Children's Orthopedic Surgery provides complex care in the subspecialties including trauma, neuromuscular disorders, congenital deformity, sports injuries, scoliosis and spine, hand, clubfoot and foot deformity, skeletal dysplasias, hip and limb disorders.

We use a multidisciplinary clinic approach to cerebral palsy including therapy, orthotics and surgeons working together to address patients' individual needs.

Each month Cook Children's holds interdisciplinary spine conferences with Orthopedics, Anaesthesia, Pulmonary and Nursing.

An interdisciplinary hand conference with hand surgery and therapy is held on a monthly basis to advance hand patient care, education and encourage interaction across services for our patients.

Orthopedics has published multiple peer reviewed publications in leading journals in the field in addition to presenting at national meetings and has received a grant to support upper extremity evaluation in neuromuscular patients.


Cook Children's Orthopedics uses the EOS® system for patients with conditions such as scoliosis and other spinal deformities. Because these patients require frequent imaging to monitor disease progression, it produces long length images of the spine and lower extremities with significantly less radiation than is normally required using other imaging tools.

Also, our surgeons utilize newer and less invasive magnetic lengthening technologies for spine deformity.

Cook Children's offers motion analysis, done in our state-of-the-art motion lab using a 3-D, computer-assisted system. It involves merging data from muscles, joints and ground reaction forces to provide a comprehensive model of the actions involved in a movement. Information on foot plantar pressures and energy expenditure complete the picture, giving the clinician an accurate assessment of the movement in question, and offering a guide to therapeutic interventions. Most commonly used to assess gait problems in cerebral palsy, the same principles can be applied to any normal or abnormal movement.

The Upper Extremity Motion Analysis lab has been established by Dr. Pamela Sherman and the hand surgery team through a generous grant from 7th Avenue Foundation. This lab helps evaluate, monitor and assist in the care of movement disorder patients.

Cook Children's Orthopedics is also collaborating with University of North Texas Health Science Center Physical Therapy department, doing research on the application of a robotic glove for neuromuscular issues in the hand.

Along with the physical therapy rehab team at University of North Texas and Ph.D. staff at University of Texas at Arlington, Cook Children's is helping evaluate a soft robotic glove for cerebral palsy rehabilitation.

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Orthopedic Surgeon

Pamela Sherman, M.D. – Orthopedic Surgeon
Director of Hand Surgery
Hand, Upper Extremity, Microvascular Surgery

Specialties: Orthopedic Surgery

Education: Brown University Providence, RI
Residency: Rhode Island Hospital; The Hospital for Special Surgery/Weill Cornell Medical Center
Fellowship: Union Memorial Hospital/Curtis National Hand Center Baltimore, MD

Dr. Sherman is one of the lead physicians of the orthopedic surgery program at Cook Children's. She is well known nationally and internationally for her expertise in pediatric care.

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